Grass Verges

Your frequently asked questions

When will you cut our grass verges?

Grass vergesThe council's policy on grass cutting is approximately every three to four weeks, across the city. The cutting schedules begin the second week of March and run through until October. This can be affected by the weather, and several days of rain can delay our grass cutting schedules.

Why don't you collect the grass cuttings afterwards?

City Parks cannot collect the grass cuttings. The financial costs involved in removal and transportation on a city-wide basis, as well as locating sites within the city to dispose of them, would not be practical. Given time, clippings will decompose and shrivel, through natural processes.

Why don't you warn owners of cars parked on grass verges when you are going to cut our verges?

In order to notify residents and those parking cars of grass cutting schedules we would have to provide an exact date and time when we would be cutting a specific area.

Unfortunately, grass cutting can be halted or held back for a number of reasons, one of them being the weather, another being service requests from residents that require immediate investigation or attention. It therefore makes it difficult for City Parks to notify all car owners across the city of what dates we will be cutting grass. The expense of notifying car owners and residents would neither be practical or cost efficient, especially when this happens several times throughout the year.

What are Wildlife Verges?

The council also maintains some road verges to encourage wild flowers. These are deliberately left to grow during the spring and summer so plants are able to flower and set seed. Look out for the special wild flower verge posters on these verges.