Application for a permitted industrial process

Some industrial processes need a specific permit.

For a list of industrial activities that need a permit, visit

To apply for a permit, please contact or call us on 01273 294266.

We issue permits based on the government guidance. We will consult with relevant members of the public and other organisations, where necessary.

Any permits issued must include conditions which minimise and prevent air pollution.

The permit holder must comply with the conditions of the permit and will be subject to inspections to ensure they are being maintained.

There is a one off application fee, as well as an annual fee. The costs are dependant on how the business performs. 

Public register

Brighton & Hove City Council is legally required under the Environmental Permitting (England & Wales) Regulations 2016 to maintain a public register of processes issued with pollution control environmental permits.

The register is updated annually and is available to view or download below: